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Dear Professional,
No doubt you must have an interest in Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID in short), otherwise, you would not be here.

Well, RFID is here to stay and the sooner you become familiar with it, the better it would be for you. You must be aware of terms like smart label, rfid chip, active rfid, rfid tag (or tag rfid). You know that RFID technology is being used right now, as you read this in Supply Chain Management, Defense, Retail, Warehousing, Hospitals, Libraries, Factories, Airports, Car Parking Lots and a myriad of other places. These are, of course not the only RFID applications around. The DoD rfid adoption, walmart rfid adoption and push is pretty well known now, even to ordinary people. New RFID applications are being devised almost every week. In fact once you learn about rfid, you can come up with an rfid application yourself!

The number of RFID tags in use now is already in the billions and it will grow even more. So you got to know more about it, just to maintain your professional edge
However, if you surf the web for information, what do you get? Just type the words RFID in Google or any other search engine and you will be greeted by millions of results. So how do you get more information, without spending hundreds of hours trawling the web, getting some REAL information (and also perhaps mis-information, as anybody can say anything that he/she wants on the web and there is no way that you can accept it at face value)?

So we have come up with a no obligation absolutely free radio frequency identification RFID course, that can be downloaded to your own PC which you can view without any restrictions at all! This is not some old rehashed RFID Presentation that is of no use now. This is not some video of a long passed away rfid seminar or an audio of some rfid conference. This is a full fledged active rfid learning course, that is full of easy to understand graphics, flash animation videos and even a self-assessment test that you can take to gauge your own understanding of rfid technology.

There are of course, some other free RFID courses, that you must have encountered online, but this one is different because:

a) We do not ask for your company name or other personal information. We are not data collectors or surveyors of some RFID vendor "in disguise".

b) The free RFID course is not somebody's stale Power Point slide show, masquerading as an e-learning course. It is neither a simple rfid pdf or a simple rfid presentation. It is a real e-learning course on RFID, so it contains rich graphics, Flash animations and self -tests to ensure that you learn all the basic concepts of RFID technology without getting bored.

c) We are not an RFID vendor or rfid system integrator. We are not an rfid company. Nor are we reps, system integrators or other partners that are related with a particular rfid company or a rfid particular rfid vendor. We are e-learning course providers, who have access to the best RFID experts, so you will get ONLY vendor neutral and unbiased information and learning from our courses.

So what are you waiting for?
Find out how rfid works, information about rfid frequencies, active rfid tags, passive rfid tags, rfid privacy issues and other interesting information in this e-learning course on rfid.

This free and authentic rfid info is not available anywhere else on the web, to the best of our knowledge.

Go ahead, fill in the form above and enroll. The form ensures that you are a real person and not an automatic bot or script code.

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Here's what people say about the free RFID course!
My first reaction of this e-learning course is that it is very user-friendly. The location of the previous and next buttons is easy to find and easy to use. The animation and pictures were fun to look at and not overly complicated.

   As I began reading through the course I was amazed as to the differences between the Bar Code and the RFID. I have seen the RFID put to use but I never knew how quickly they can scan a group of products compared to scanning single items with the Bar Code Reader. I agree that in certain circumstances the RFID system can save time, money, and errors.
                          --Deborah, Palm Bay, FL